Capitalism has failed(Me vs Yakuda)


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Thet can find other jobs. Youre one of the best examples of what Thomas Sowell calls a first level thinker. You refuse to imagine there is another side to the issue. It makes you a fanatic and incapable of thinking clearly. Employees have nearly zero risk compared to the person who creates a business. To think otherwise makes you a fool.
Yes, 90% of the times LOWER paying jobs, which puts their budget in financial strains.

I'm a deep thinker. Your a kindergarten level debater, since you offer no real rebuttal or intellect to your position. Just capitalist propaganda and uneducated personal opinion on capitalism.

Again. Only because the economy is designed to create risk. Smart businesses do not operate on debt. They operate on OWN capital, thus having very little risk. The problem is people trying to leave beyond their means. That's why they go bankrupt.

Today people risk their life savings, their homes, their well being of their family and much more to chase wealth. Whether its opening up a business or investing in the stock market. Its all a risk, even with loaning out money.

Back in the day you needed collateral to acquire a loan, and if you didnt pay? Guess what? They'd confiscate your collateral. Actually a much larger risk.

Today you can operate a business off debt, accumulate wealth, then go bankrupt and not have to pay back a cent. No collateral required because the money is not backed by gold and has no real value. Its backed by debt, taxes and inflation! ( loss gets passed down to the consumer/tax payer)

Capitalism is designed to fail as most business eventually go bankrupt. The name of the game is to accumulate as much wealth as you can scam before you go under. And then go bankrupt and invest in another business. Elitists do that with countries. When host country is heavy in debt, they pull out their assets and invest in next country,. We will see how much Americans like capitalism, when China is a super power and America is a 3rd world

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