Charlie Peacock - 1 - One Man Gets Around - Everything That's On My Mind (1994)

Mike McK

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I can't remember the name of the album, but Charlie Peacock put out an album in the early 90s that was really controversial in Christian circles. Some people called it "the sex album".

At that time, I was involved with Creation/Metro Concerts (yes, Harry Thomas was a friend of mine, no, none of us knew what he was doing). A local AOG had just built a church with a huge sanctuary and we rented it out for a couple of shows.

One of those shows was Charlie Peacock. The day of the show, the load in and soundcheck had already been completed and the pastor, who was about 90 years old came in before we opened the doors and told us he had heard about that album and would not allow the show to go on.

Fortunately, one of his people talked him out of it, and the show went on. I think a short-lived duo called "East to West" opened, but all I ever think about when I hear about Charlie Peacock is that old man screaming at us.