Christendom, Thou Art Strongly Beloved.


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Christendom, Thou Art Strongly Beloved.
July 3,2021

Christendom: World Changer. Indestructible Solid Rock. Giving Hope to
mankind, Body of the Lord Jesus, Vehicle of Salvation, comfort for the
troubled soul. Precious. Christendom thou art Everything to me. I LOVE
you very much.

Christendom, I love your love. Your love for others, helping those who need
your help. Showing up. Being there. Helping in Jesus' name. Christendom,
I love your Samaritan's Purse, Salvation Army, Catholic Relief Services, and
Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. I love your Gideons International,
Joni and Friends, Assemblies Of God Trust, Lutheran World Relief, Billy
Graham Evangelistic Association, and Nick Vujicic's (voo yi chich) solid
gold Evangelical gospel preaching "Life Without Limbs" Christian ministry.

Christendom, I love your literature and your art, your architecture, your
magnificent cathedrals, your great books, your Apostles, saints, martyrs,
and heros of the faith. I love your great Paul "195 lashes" Paul the Apostle.
And your Luke the physician and your magnificent Apostle John who wrote
John's Gospel and Revelation. Christendom thou art built to last forever.
Christendom the Eternal City ~ the Hope of mankind.

Christendom, I love your traditions, your history, your legacies, your wealth
that funds Christ's Great Commission ~ Jesus' command (not a suggestion)
to go and make disciples of all the nations (that is, to go and Christianize the
world) through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit blessing simple gospel
preaching. And this is going to get done and no Prophet Of Defeatism can
prevent it. "I will build My Church" said The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah, and
He will. The Lord Christ shall reign until He has put all His enemies under His
feet. Jesus NOW has all authority both in Heaven and on Earth to empower
His church to successfully carry out His Great commission (Matthew 28:16-20)
to go and Christianize the world.

Christendom, I love your The Erwin Brothers (Andrew and Jon) and their excellent
Christian movies: October Baby, Mom's Night Out, I can Only Imagine, I Still Believe,
and The Cross And The Towers. Christendom, I love your The Kendrick Brothers
(Alex, Stephen, Shannon) and their outstanding Christian movies: Facing The Giants,
Fireproof, Courageous, War Room, and Overcomer. Christendom, I love your Bethany
Hamilton, Joni Eareckeson Tada, and Nick Vujicic, three unstoppable heroes of the
Christian faith that do not know how to quit when faced with the seemingly impossible.

Christendom, I LOVE your Strong Indestructible Powerful Pillars: The Cross ~ the Power
of the Blood Of The Lamb. The Resurrection ~ the Power of that Empty Tomb. The
Ascension ~ the Power of "I am going to My Father." The Exaltation ~ the Power of
NOW being being KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, and NOW being seated
at the right hand of Almighty God Maker of Heaven and Earth. Christendom, I love your
heroic Founder the Lord Jesus who always leads from the front where the pain is. He
who went straight into the pain (of the Cross) because He loved us more than He loved
Himself. Thank You Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit. We love You.