Christian Reincarnation?

- "Before coming of Catholic Church many Christians did believe in a form of reincarnation that people who never heard of Jesus Christ or who rejected Christ would be reborn again on Earth and giving second chance. It was condemned as heresy by Saint Augustine of Hippo and I do not know any professing Christians who still believe that. I might be wrong so if any Christian still believe in reincarnation let me know why and how you came to that belief this. The Holy Bible says it is appointed unto me once to die but afterwards comes judgement. But this can be interpreted many ways. Person could say that after judgement person returns to earth if they are not worthy of Heaven. Knowing my luck I might come back as dung beadle but still I think Holy Bible does not support reincarnation I may be wrong but if you want to debate me I would be happy to hear your arguments. I will try to keep open mind about everything but at same time I don't what my mind to be so open my brains fall out. I might need my brain later in life. Amen!"


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If reincarnation was a christian would find a couple of chapters informing us of it.