Circular Reasoning


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mica said:
you didn't answer my questions.
it is not an institution. It is all believers, His family, His church. who taught about the body of Christ? what does scripture teach about it?

the bible says the church is the body/bride of christ (ephesians 5).

scripture says it is one lord, one faith, and one baptism (ephesians 4)
those are words from my post. why are your claiming them as yours? according to what you've posted you are contradicting yourself and asking questions that you can't answer.


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I could go on but you don't really care that if you use discernment, judgement and test the spirits your institution is seen for what it is the bad tree.
Well put balshan! Roman Catholics are not familiar with "spiritual discernment" it is a foreign concept to them. If 'discernment' was used by ALL Christians - not those who call themselves Christians and hide behind the walls of a man-made church and it's religion - but Christians who are active believers in Jesus Christ alone. Until all TRUE Christians regain the will to test everything by the rule of Scripture, reject what it false, and hold fast to what is true, then the church will struggle and falter, and our testimony to the world in sin will be impaired.


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the body of christ is no ordinary institution. it is a divine institution established by jesus christ himself. it is a work of god, the bride of christ, whose one-flesh union with her spouse was prepared for by the prophets and announced by John the Baptist (john3: 29).

if you believe the bible, why can't you believe in the body/bride of christ?
I do. But the rcc is not it! The TRUE church, which is the body of Christ, is made up of all born again believers. NOT an organization!


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jesus established only one church, not many denominations with different doctrines.

only the catholic church can claim to be founded by god, the others are all founded by man. give me the name of your church/religious organization and with the internet's help, i can tell you who founded it.
The rcc can CLAIM all they want. But it does not make it true. Anyone can make a claim, proving it though, is another story!

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it is easy to say that the catholic church is not founded by god. but, can you back this up with historical evidence? by giving me the name of your religious group, i can prove that it is just founded by man.

the only instutution that believes in the complete package, jesus and his church and that it is impossible to love jesus christ without loving his bride, the church.

Loving God and others doesn't mean we are to cuddle up to your institution and practice idolatry!!! A lot of the rcc teachings, doctrines, and dogmas mimic idolatry to a tee. The line between giving God glory and everything else glory too, can NOT be observed. As I have said multiple of times.... I want nothing to do with any rcc, and I mean it. Rc's posting here, are not even serious about their own institution. Its a big game and a joke.

Isaiah 42:8
I am the Lord! That is my name, and I will not give my glory to anyone else.