Cleansing the Holy Land


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Deuteronomy 32:36-42 The Lord will judge His people and have compassion on His servants, for He will see that their strength has gone, all are affected. He will say: where are your false gods, those false idols in which you trusted? Let them be your protection! See now that I, the Lord, am HE – beside Me there is no other God. I hold the power of life and death. I swear: as I live forever that I will sharpen My flashing sword and set My hand to judgement to punish My enemies, then My vengeance will fall upon My foes. I shall make My arrows drunk with blood, My sword will devour flesh, the blood of the slain and the captives along with the enemy leaders.

Deuteronomy 32:43 Rejoice with His people, you nations, for the Lord will avenge the blood of His servants. He will take vengeance on His enemies and punish all those who hate Him and will cleanse His peoples Land. Jeremiah 12:14

Deuteronomy 33:1-5 This is the blessing that Moses pronounced on the Israelites before his death. The Lord came from Sinai, He appeared and shone out from the South. With Him were multitudes of His holy people, streaming along at His right hand. Truly, He loves His people and blesses His holy ones. They receive instruction, the Law that Moses gave us, as our possession for all Israel. Then, when all the tribal leaders assembled, a leader arose in the Land.
Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.

The Lord will judge his people and have compassion on His servants. His servants; now every faithful Christian; they are gathered from every race, nation and language. Psalms 107, Romans 9:24-26, Revelation 7:9

their strength has gone – Isaiah 17:4-6 & 9 On that Day Israel [now the Western, Christian nations] will lose their strength and prosperity. On that day, strong cities will be abandoned, like those of your enemies of old that were deserted at the Israelites approach. Cities will be uninhabitable – no food, power or water.

those false idols in which you trusted – people today put their faith in materialism, atheism or a ‘rapture’ out of trouble, etc. Micah 5:10-15

My vengeance will fall upon My foes – The great and terrible Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, prophesied over 100 times in the Bible. It is the next action of the Lord on earth, which results in the ‘cleansing of the Land’. By the means of His ‘flashing sword ‘, an explosion of the suns surface. Isaiah 30:26a, Psalms 83

the enemy leaders – As the enemy leaders prepare their weapons, Isaiah 21:2 – Elam & Media = Iran, ‘they are swept away by a whirlwind ‘. Habakkuk 3:14, Jeremiah 49:35-37

The Lord appears to His people – The Lord’s Right Hand, that is Jesus, Psalms 110, will lead ‘the multitude of His people’, into the promised Land in the same way as He did for the ancient Israelites. 1 Corinthians 10:4, Jeremiah 31:8-9, Isaiah 49:8-11

they receive instruction – True prophets and priests will teach them the right Laws and the correct ordinances. Isaiah 66:21, Malachi 2:7

Then a leader arose – Proof that all this happens before the Return of Jesus for His Millennium reign. Jeremiah 30:21, Hosea 1:11, Ezekiel 40 to 48


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Jeremiah 10:1-5 Listen, Israel: This is what the Lord says: Do not learn the ways of the nations or be worried by signs and portents. It is the other peoples who are terrified by them. For the gods’ of the nations are shams, just as dumb as scarecrows. Do not fear them, they can do no harm, nor can they do any good.

Jeremiah 10:6-9 Where can any other be found like You, Lord? You are great and mighty, fear of You is a fitting tribute for the King of the nations. One and all, the nations are stupid and foolish, making finely crafted idols and teaching nonsense from inanimate things.

Jeremiah 10:10-11 But the Lord is God in truth, a living God, the eternal King. The earth quakes and no nation can endure His fury. You can say- those false gods will perish.

Jeremiah 10:12-13 God made the heavens and the earth by His power, wisdom and knowledge. He controls the wind and rain.

Jeremiah 10:14-16 Everyone is brutish and ignorant. Those who make and promote idols are discredited and will perish when the Day of reckoning comes. Jacobs God is not like these, for He is the creator of the universe. Israel are the people He claims as His own. Y’hovah is His name.

Jeremiah 10:17-18 Gather up your belongings, to leave the Land you who live under siege For this is what the Lord says: This time, I shall throw out the whole population of the Land, I shall press them and squeeze them dry.

Jeremiah 10:19-21 Oh! The pain of my afflictions, I am laid low and must endure it. My dwellings are destroyed and my people have gone away. Their leaders are senseless, they do not enquire of the Lord, so their flock is scattered.

Jeremiah 10:22 Listen; a rumour comes, a great uproar from the North – an army assembles to make Judah desolate.

Jeremiah 10:23-24 I am aware, Lord, that one’s ways are not of our own choosing, nor is it within our power to determine our course in life. Correct me, Lord, but with justice, not with anger, lest I be destroyed.

Jeremiah 10:25 Pour out Your fury on those nations that do not acknowledge You, for they have swallowed Jacob and desecrated his Land.
Ref: REB,NIV.Some verses abridged.

V 1-5 Don’t be worried about earthquakes and storms, etc. They are natural events, we just hear about them more, due to better news reporting. We must avoid the idols of our time - materialism, atheism and false religions. Luke 21:34-36

V 14-16 On the Day of vengeance, the Lord will judge the idolaters and the wicked leaders. Isaiah 66:15-16, Deut. 32:31-43

V 17-21 ‘My people, get out, for this time the Land of Greater Israel will be cleared of all evil and apostate people’. The Land will be ‘laid low’, empty and desolate, it will soon be regenerated and then His Christian people, Jew and Gentile, will gather to live there in peace and security. Ezekiel 36:8-12, Ezekiel 20:34-38

V 22 “An army assembles against Judah” Psalms 83 – an Ishmaelite confederation.

V 23-24 The Lord controls our destiny. We plead for His justice and mercy. Psalm 37:5

V 10 & 25 The Day of the Lords vengeance and wrath against His enemies. 2 Peter 3:7


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The Lords fiery judgement on the Middle East:

Isaiah 29:1-2 Woe to you Ariel! Ariel, the city where David settled. The years roll on and you carry out your festivals. Yet, I shall reduce Ariel to dire straits. There will be suffering and sorrow, when I make her My fire altar.

Ariel – is a pun on the Hebrew word, ‘har’el’ = the Temple burnt offering altar. In this prophecy, it refers to Jerusalem and all the State of Israel. Ezekiel 21:1-7, Isaiah 22:1-14, Amos 2:4-5, Jeremiah 12:14

Isaiah 29:3-4 I will encompass you and besiege you with the visitation of My fiery judgement. You will be brought low, you will hide underground, your voice will whisper out of the earth. The survivors in Jerusalem will shelter in underground bunkers. Isaiah 31:5, Isaiah 6:13, Isaiah 37:31-32

The Lord’s judgement/punishment of the nations, by fire from God’s storehouse, Deuteronomy 32:22,34-35,41-43, will be an explosion on the suns surface, Isaiah 30:26a, Isaiah 66:15-16, Malachi 4:1, Hebrews 10:27, 2 Peter 3:7, Revelation 6:12-17

Joel 2:1-11 Sound the alarm! For the Day of the Lord’s wrath is coming. As the sun rises, a vast host will appear, the like has never been known. It advances in a devouring fire, behind is a leaping flame that leaves a desolate wasteland. Nothing can escape it, nothing can stop it and as it strikes, the earth quakes and the heavens thunder. Who can survive that dark and terrible Day?

Isaiah 29:5-8 But, your enemies will become like dust, those ruthless hordes, like blown chaff. Suddenly, in an instant, punishment will come from the Lord Almighty, with earthquakes, thunder, storms and a blaze of devouring fire. All the nations warring against Mt Zion, will vanish, as a dream, like one who is hungry or thirsty; then wakes to find himself empty, so it will be with all those nations attacking Israel. Malachi 4:3

The fire judgement on the Middle East, Zephaniah 2:4-6, striking ‘in an instant’, will be a Coronal Mass Ejection: a sunstrike of unprecedented magnitude and is the next prophesied event we can expect, it is the Day that will ‘come as a thief’, sudden and unexpectedly. Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 10:17 It is quite a different event to what is described about the attack and destruction of Gog or of Armageddon, both to come later, respectively.
Psalms 83:13-18, Isaiah 34:5, Isaiah 30:25-28 & 30, Ezekiel 30:1-5, Zephaniah 1:14-18,

The regeneration of the Middle East: Isaiah 35, Ezekiel 36:8-12, Amos 9:13-15

Isaiah 29:17-21 In a very short time, the Land will be made prosperous again. On that Day, the deaf will hear and the blind will see and the lowly and poor will exult in the Holy One of Israel. The ruthless and evil peoples will be gone, all who practice falsehood will be cut down. Isaiah 66:12-17, Psalms 107:1-43, Jeremiah 33:12-13

Isaiah 29:22-23 Therefore, these are the words of the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, about the House of Jacob: [now: every true Christian believer] This is no time for you to be ashamed, no time to be frightened, for his descendants will praise My Name, when they see what I have done for them. They will stand in awe of the Holy God of Israel. Reference: REB, NIV. Some verses condensed.

Christian Israelites, all those whose names are written in the Book, Malachi 3:16-18, be they descendants of Jacob or grafted in, will be gathered into the Land, ”in a very short time” after the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath against the nations Ezekiel 20: 34-38, Isaiah 11:11-12, Jeremiah 30:18-24, Rev 7:9


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But, you, Land of Israel, yield your fruit for the homecoming of My people is near:

Ezekiel 36:1-38
This is what the Lord says about the Land of Israel: Israel, the enemies have gloated over you and you were trampled down when you were occupied by other nations. I will speak to the Land, now plundered and despised by the surrounding nations.

In My burning zeal, I have spoken out against the rest of the nations, especially Edom, for with glee and malice they seized My Land as spoil. Therefore, because Israel has suffered the scorn of the nations, I swear that those nations will in turn suffer scorn.

But you, Land of Israel, bring forth your branches and yield your fruit for My people, [all true Christian believers], for their homecoming is near. See how I will look on you with favour, you will be fruitful. I shall settle on you many people - the whole 12 tribes of Israel, [plus those grafted in] the towns inhabited and the Land prosperous. My people, will live there again, never again to leave. No longer will they suffer the scorn of foreigners.

When ancient Israel was living in the Land, they defiled it by their idolatry. I sentenced them to exile around the world. But I have concern for My Holy Name, so you Israelites, it is not for your sake that I am acting – I shall show My Holiness through you and all the nations will know that I am the Lord.

I shall take you out of the world, gather you from every land and bring you back to your homeland. I will purify you of everything that defiles you. You will have a new heart and I will put My spirit within you and you will desire to only follow My Laws.

Then you will live in the Land that I had given to your forefathers. You will be My people and I will be your God. Having saved you from all that defiles you, I shall command the Land to be plentiful, trees will bear abundant fruit and the soil will produce heavy crops. Never again will you suffer famine.
Isaiah 35:1-10, Ezekiel 34:11-31

You will recall your wicked conduct and evil deeds and will hate yourself for them. Feel the shame and disgrace of your old ways, people of Israel.

The Lord says: when I have cleansed you of all your wrongdoings, you will settle in the Land and the ruined places will be rebuilt. The Land will be ploughed and sown, no longer a devastation
[after the Sixth Seal event] and rain will come in due season.

The nations still left around you will know that it is I, the Lord who has done this.

The Lord says; once again, I will let the Israelites pray to Me for help. They will become many, as flocks of sheep in the Land. As Jerusalem has flocks of sheep at festival time, so will the towns of Israel be filled with flocks of people.

Then: they will know that I am their God.
Ref: REB some verses condensed.

The prophet Ezekiel, who was commissioned to prophesy specifically to the House of Israel: Ezekiel 2:3, wrote chapter 36, giving the story of how God will, in His burning zeal, clear the evil neighbours, Jeremiah 12:14, out of all the holy Land. Then, His people, the Christian Israelites, Jew and from every nation and language, will gather and settle in the Land. They will receive God’s Spirit and will live in the Land with great prosperity. This is in order for them to be a light to the nations and to prepare for the Return of Jesus.


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Isaiah 42:14-15 Long have I restrained Myself, I kept silence and held Myself in check. I shall lay waste to mountain and hill, dry up the trees and fields. I shall dry up the rivers and empty the lakes.
The Lord is about to act once again in His creation – The Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath - the next prophesied, worldwide event. The first of a series of judgements and punishments to His enemies and blessings to His faithful Christian people, Isaiah 44:1-3, leading to the culmination of this age – the Return of Jesus.

Isaiah 42:11-17 The Lord will go forth as a warrior; He will shout His battle cry and will triumph over His enemies.
I will guide the blind along unfamiliar paths and will make the way smooth for them. But those who do not trust Me, they will be put to shame.

Isaiah 42:10-12 Sing a new song to the Lord – throughout the world, you on the seas and you that inhabit the coasts and islands. Let all people give glory to the Lord!
This is the gathering and settling of His people into all of the holy Land.

Isaiah42:18-20 Hear now: you deaf people, you My servants that are blind: look and see! Who is so blind as My servants? So deaf as the messengers that I send? You have seen much, but perceived little. Your ears are open but you hear nothing.

The Lord’s servants: every faithful Christian, all those who love Him and obey His Laws, fail to see or listen to the truths that are prophesied about these end times. Why is this?

Isaiah 29:9-12 If you confuse yourselves, you will stay confused. For the Lord has poured on you a spirit of deep stupor, the prophetic vision of it all has become like the words in a sealed book.
How can we really understand what the prophets are telling us?

2 Peter 1:19 We have the word of the prophets, you do well to pay attention to it, as a light shining in a dark place and when the day dawns, it will illuminate your minds.

Isaiah 29:22-24 This is no time for Jacob to be afraid, when they see what I will do for them, they will regard their God with awe. The confused will gain understanding and the obstinate will accept instruction.
Jacob/Israel and Joseph; now refer to every faithful Christian person. Galatians 3:26-29

So, it may not be until after the Lord has acted against His enemies, that His people will finally realize and understand His plans and purposes for them. Psalms 60:1-5

Zechariah 10:6-12 I shall give triumph and victory to Judah and Joseph and in My compassion, I shall restore them as though I had never cast them off. My people will see and be glad, for I will deliver them. I will whistle to call them in and they will be as many as they used to be. Though dispersed among the nations and yet in far off lands, they will remember Me. I shall bring them home from wherever they are and will lead them into all the holy Land, until there is no more room. Their strength will be in God, they will march proudly in His Name. Ref: REB, some verses abridged

The Lord’s Christian people are gathered and settled into their own Land, after He judges and punishes His enemies. Jeremiah 12:14-17, Ezekiel 20:34-38, Isaiah 11:11-12

Unfortunately these events will come as a surprise to the secular world and to many Bible believers. Why should you be shocked and taken unawares by them?


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The Lord bares His holy arm

Isaiah 52:1-14 Awake; Awake, Zion, put on your strength! Jerusalem, holy city, put on your splendid garments, for the heathen and the ungodly will never again enter you. Arise, captive city – shake off the dust and undo your bonds, you captive daughter of Zion.

The Lord says: You were sold, but no price was paid and without payment you will be redeemed. My people were captives in Egypt, then in Assyria, but now what do I find? My people in exile and My Name reviled constantly. But on the Day that I save My people, they will know My Name and know that it is the Lord who speaks. Here I am!

Deliverance is announced, as the Lord bares His holy arm and makes His power seen by the whole world. The watchmen of Zion shout for joy amid the ruins of Jerusalem, for the Lord has comforted His people.

Go out, leave Babylon behind, keep pure, you that keep the sacraments of the Lord. But you will not flee in urgent haste or leave like fugitives, for the Lord will go before you and your rearguard will be Israel’s God. My servant will achieve success; He will be honoured and exalted. The time was when many despised My people, just as My servant is despised and rejected, but now they will see what they had never understood and their minds will be filled with things unheard of before. Ref: REB. Abridged.

‘My people – in Assyria’, This refers to the ten Northern tribes of Israel, now the Western, Christian Nations. But specifically: the Lord’s people are now every faithful Christian, from every race, nation and language. Revelation 5:9-10

‘The Lord bares His holy arm – His power seen by the whole world’, This will be the next action of the Lord on earth. It is the many prophesied Great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, a terrible judgement/punishment of fire, earthquakes, storms and tsunamis that will devastate and depopulate the entire Middle East, Ezekiel 30:1-5, and will severely affect all the world.

‘My servant’, The Lord Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who instigates this disaster, as we are told in Luke 3:17. He will not be seen on that Day, Psalms 18:11, Habakkuk 3:3-6, and from the many graphic descriptions of this event, He will cause a Coronal Mass Ejection, an explosion of the suns surface of an unprecedented magnitude that will cause all the prophesied effects. Isaiah 30:25-30

‘The Lord saves His people’, Those faithful Christians, born again in Jesus, who keep His commandments, who trust in Him for their salvation and who heed the warnings to take shelter, will be protected on that Day. Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21

‘Go out of Babylon, but not as fugitives’, Babylon: a metaphor for the ungodly nations. The Lord’s people have wonderful promises of how they will be transported back into all of the holy Land, where they will live in peace and security. Psalms 107

‘What they never understood’, The Lord’s plans are impossible to know by any atheist or false religion follower, but also those who study God’s Word in the Bible, if they have failed to properly discern the prophetic scriptures and allowed themselves to be swayed by false doctrines and teachings.


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Amos 9:8-12 In My anger against the nations, I shall not totally destroy the descendants of Jacob. [All 12 tribes of Israel] My command was that Israel be scattered among the peoples of the world, but I will keep My eye upon them. Proverbs 5:21, 1 Peter 3:12

I know who they all are. Those who rebel and disobey Me will die.
Ezekiel 20:38 On the Day of the redemption of My people, I will restore the House of David, the leaders of Israel, Hosea 1:11, so that they may possess all of that area named as Mine. This: I your God, will accomplish. Obadiah 1:19-21, Ezekiel chapter36

Isaiah 40:26-31 Lift up your eyes on high, consider the Creator of all things. He brings out His host, [people] one by one, each summoned by name, through His great power and strength, none is missing. You Israelites, do not say: Our God has forgotten us. Do you not know, have you not heard, the Lord, the Creator, does not weary and His understanding cannot be fathomed. He gives strength to the exhausted, as even the fittest grow faint, but those who trust Him will get new strength, they will soar as on eagles wings, march and not become tired. Isaiah 27:12

Isaiah 40:26 is usually translated so as to mean real stars, however the chapter commences with; ‘Comfort My people,’ and finishes with the beautiful promise of how the Lord will help His people go to their Land. Therefore in context, it must be more correct to apply ‘ His host’, to the Lord’s holy people and more logical than to think that He summons the stars, one by one, called by name? Actual;...stars set in place, Psalms 8:3

His people: Christian Israelites, from every tribe, race, nation and language, are called out of the nations, soon after this forthcoming Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath and are motivated to possess all of the holy Land and migrate to their new nation of Beulah. Isaiah 62L1-5, Psalms 107

John sees all the faithful Christian peoples there in Revelation 7:9.

As the other prophets and Jesus say: God knows who His people are and He will call them by name for their gathering into the holy Land. Revelation 5:9-10

Baruch 4:30 Take heart, My children, He who calls you by name, will comfort you.

Isaiah 27:12-13 On that Day, the Lord will sound a great trumpet and those of His people, who are dispersed around the world will be gathered one by one and will come to worship the Lord in His holy Land. Isaiah 49:6

Jeremiah 3:14 Come back, apostate people, for I am patient with you, I shall take you; one from each town and two from each clan and bring you to Zion. Isaiah 11:11-12

Matthew 24:37-44 As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be when the Son of man comes. The people then carried on unsuspectingly until the flood came and killed them all. This is how it will be when I come next, at a time when you least expect. Then there will be two people working; one will be taken, the other left. Therefore, be ready and keep watch for the Day your Lord comes. 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6

‘comes’, here means; to take action, Isaiah 28:21, Psalms 68:1-3, Isaiah 59:16-17, Psalms 9:19-20

It has always been thought that this passage in Matthew refers to the Return of Jesus in His glory, but a study of Revelation shows that this event cannot be at the Return, as that glorious Day will not be unexpected, because it is exactly 1260 days after the Anti Christ desecrates the Temple. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

The Lord was not seen in Noah’s time, or the Exodus and He will not be seen during the Sixth Seal terrible Day of the Lord’s fiery wrath.

This next prophesied event, that will come ‘ like a thief’, is the punishment of the nations, Habakkuk 2:3, instigated by Jesus and graphically described in over 100 prophesies, as a CME explosion of the suns surface, that will clear and cleanse all the holy Land in preparation for ‘ the homecoming of His people’. Ezekiel 36:8, Isaiah 65:9, Isaiah 49:22, Ezekiel 37:21, Jeremiah 16:14-16, Zechariah 10:8-12

Psalms 2:1-12 Why are the nations in a turmoil? People hatch futile plots and leaders conspire together against the Lord. They say; Let us break free from His rule. But He who watches from His throne, laughs and derides them, then He rebukes them, in His wrath. Y’hovah says; I have established My King in My holy place, I have decreed; You are My Son, I am Your Father. Ask of Me what you will, I shall give You the nations as Your domain, the earth as Your possession. You will break them with a rod of iron, so be warned, you peoples, pay Him homage, for His anger flares up in a moment. Happy are those who find refuge in Him! John 3:35


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Not one pebble lost

Amos 8:11-14 The Lord says: The time is coming when there will be a famine on the Land, not of hunger, but for hearing the Word of God. People will search for the truth, but will not find it. All who swear by false gods will fall, to rise no more.

Amos 9:1-15 I saw the Lord standing by the altar – He said: break down the buildings onto the heads of the people and any who are left, I shall put to the sword. Wherever they hide, I will find them and destroy them.
At the Touch of the Lord, the earth shakes, all who live there mourn. He is the One who created the heavens and the earth.

Are not you Israelites like the Cushites to Me? I brought you up from Egypt. My eyes are on this sinful nation and I will judge them.

Yet, I will not completely destroy Jacob’s posterity. I shall give the
command to sieve Israel among the nations, without one pebble falling to the ground. All the sinners among My people will die.
On that Day, I shall restore David’s fallen house and rebuild it as it was
long ago, so that Israel may possess what is left of Edom and all those nations who were once named as Mine.

A time is coming when the Land will prosper and be fruitful. I shall
bring back My exiled people, they will restore their towns and vineyards. They will enjoy the produce of the Land. Once more, I shall plant My people in their own soil, never again to be removed from the Land that I have given them. REBible [abridged]

My contention that all true Israelites; who are now every faithful Christian, will gather and settle into all of the holy Land before the Return of Jesus, is reinforced by this passage from the prophet Amos. The sequence of events is clear – firstly a lack of good Bible teaching. Then, in Amos 9:1-8, describes the Day of the Lords vengeance, when disaster will fall onto all these peoples attacking the State of Israel. As per Amos 1.

The Jews too, will be judged. Jeremiah 12:14-17, Amos 2:4-5

But the descendants of Jacob, that is all 12 tribes of Israel, including those grafted in by their faith, are known to God. He will gather and judge them all. Ezekiel 20:34-36, Isaiah 1:25, Deuteronomy 32:36.

V. 11-12 Then, “On that day, I will restore David’s fallen house”. This will fulfil God’s promise to David, that His royal line will continue forever. “so that Israel may possess what is left of Edom”, all of the holy Land, cleared out by the Lord’s Day of wrath.

This enables the Lord’s Christian people to be a ‘light to the nations’ and preach the gospel of the coming Kingdom. It also fulfils God’s promises to the Patriarchs, that their posterity will live in peace and prosperity in ALL the Land promised to them. Deuteronomy 30:36

The Lord will bestow on His people all those amazing blessings as promised throughout the Bible. There will be times of difficulty, and testing as when the Anti Christ stops the offerings in the New Temple, Daniel 9:27, but those who hold firm to faith in God, will see Jesus Return in His Glory and will reign with Him.

Amos 9:13-15 Behold, the days come, says the Lord..... the mountains shall drip sweet wine....... and I will bring again the captivity of My people of Israel and they shall build the waste cities and inhabit them. They will plant vineyards and drink the wine thereof........ and I shall plant them upon their Land and they shall no more be pulled up out of their Land, which I have given them, says the Lord thy God. KJV Bible.