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Jesus Himself said we cannot believe unless God acts. If I have to explain this again, I will just have understand that you do not believe the aggregate of scripture.

fltom: quote the verse

you are in error in your intepretation and claim as well
So you don't read the Bible enough to recognize that I am speaking of Jesus answer to the disciples question, heartfelt, deep, penetrating question "Then who can be saved?" How many times have I brought this up that you fail to recognize it? Jesus answer? "With man it is impossible." IMPOSSIBLE. Is there some secondary meaning of that word that I am not aware of that somehow makes it possible? Are you channeling Biden and redefining words? He further defined impossible by saying that God makes it possible. I doubt that means that He sits on His throne twiddling His thumbs and miraculously someone is saved. It speaks of INTERVENTION. People cannot believe unless God acts. Like Saul on the way to Damascus. God very visibly intervened. It should be obvious that if God had not intervened, Paul would have NEVER changed. He was not looking for God because He already had a God he created in his mind. God doing this to Paul, and God including this in scripture, servers as a visible example of what happens in the life of every believer. Not nearly as flashy or loud, but God intervenes and saves His own.