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Jesus Christ gave me a dream where a particular organization came out against me and I was served a summons. Things began to escalate quickly and my former classmates attempted to kill me, one of them said they are not coming to help her, so basically they could get away with it. In the middle of all this the D.P.P became involved.

A former friend and classmate from high school gave her a paper which was to prove that I did something wrong. One could see she hated me and despised me.

The organization behind this includes a person who they are connected to, my former boss when I worked during the summer holiday, who is a communist. This woman is connected to very powerful business people in Jamaica. One of them is President and CEO of a prominent insurance company in Jamaica (he is male), another person is a prominent person in the Bank of Jamaica (who is also male).

The organization coming out against is apparently is an Insurance company, my former boss used to work for which both of these men belong to or have belonged to and were in powerful positions. My mother used to work at that insurance company. I was shocked that this organization came out against me like this in the dream like I did something wrong. This is how I made the connections I made, I also went to a ceremony and they were together. I also saw Trevor Monroe who is apart of, or protected by this organization.

I quoted a news article in regards to Trevor Munroe.

...The leftist Workers Party of Jamaica (WPJ), led by Dr Trevor Munroe, had been quietly supporting the PNP, which ushered in more rumours of a Communist takeover — a claim Manley consistently denied, even though his friendship with Socialist Cuba strengthened.

Later, some WPJ members were arrested in Hanover for possessing what the police claimed to be bombs.

The bloody general election that changed Jamaica

This is how bad Jamaica is. For persons who care about Jamaica if you wonder why Jamaica's crime situation is so bad it is because communism, communist principles, and communist people in powerful positions are behind it.

What people do not know in regards to Chinese communism is that extortion is also involved as well, and extortion is prevalent in Jamaica. A Chinese national tried to extort me as well.
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