CRICKETS: Hack Networks Silent on Sex Harassment Claims Against Andrew Cuomo


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The network newscasts on Sunday night and Monday morning were predictably silent on the shocking sexual harassment claims against Governor Andrew Cuomo, a hero among liberals. These are the same networks that praised his “excellency” and gossiped over the single Democrat.

On Sunday night, Fox News broke from the Democrat media and alerted viewers to the story. Fox Report anchor Jon Scott explained:

A former aide is accusing New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo of misconduct. Lindsey Boylan writing on Twitter, “Yes governor Cuomo sexually harassed me for years, many saw it and watched.” Boylan worked in the Cuomo administration from 2015 to 2018, she is now a candidate for Manhattan president in New York City.


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I agree with Fake News, Rare time.

I can't find a single thing unusual about this. I would be surprised even shocked if someone reported that he was a gentleman.

Lookin' for a little Fredo Lay.