Days of Darkness: One woman's escape from the conspiracy trap

Actually, I have read a couple of studies that suggest that the more extreme far-rightist Christians are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than more moderate Christians. I am not a far rightist, but slightly to the right of center, as you well know.

I put this link on the other thread about the nature of conspiracy theories. It is an article from my church, the LCMS, which is quite conservative, and sees buying into these theories, when carried too far, as a form of idolatry:

(there are some unrelated photos in the middle of this story; scroll past them and the article continues)

So, not all Christians fall prey to wild conspiracy theories. But I do thank you for recognizing that I am one on here who does not. And there are a few others like me, as well. :)

Thanks for providing the link. I'm happy that some churches are doing something about the current populist nonsense.

I have read something like this, that some people prefer the idea that someone is on control of events, even if they are making, than the thought of random uncontrolled events. So worldwide illness is deliberately manufactured, terrorism is orchestrated, elections are fixed etc. etc.

I suppose the idea that everything is ultimately controlled by God is akin to this, though presumably there's some sort of disconnect when truly terrible things happen. I can assure you that belief in God is not necessary to avoid being sucked into conspiracy theories. Indeed from the evidence of these forums, you are in a minority of believers that isn't consumed by them.
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