Debate: Trent Horn vs Steve Christie (Marian dogmas)

She is not God. Is that clear?
Then why do RCs need to believe in the Marian doctrines to be saved? Why do RCs treat her like a goddess, praying to her, bowing before her statues, parading her statue around for example? Why is she given attributes that God's?

If it looks like you are putting her on the same level as God, then you are making her a goddess.
So, the Bible never uses the word "Trinity" to describe God either. So Christian beliefs have to be discerned from scripture.
The bible isn't silent on who did the undoing here. You ascribe it to Mary undoing what eve did and then call her the new eve. The BIBLE in Romans 5 ascribes this action to Jesus, comparing Him to Adam. And Jesus is called the last Adam. Your poor out of touch example of the trinity has nothing to do with what we are talking about. It has nothing to do with what name is or isn't in the bible. It has to do with an action. You suggest Mary did something the bible never even hints that she did. However, the bible isn't silent on who did this thing, and it's not Mary. It's Jesus. So yes, you're stripping something away from Him and handing it to a mere human. It's disgraceful.