Did Ellen White deny the deity of Christ? This article uses her own words to show she did. Do SDAs believe that Christ is God Almighty?


Ellen categorically rejected the Trinity Doctrine and that defaults into...
...Denying the Deity of Christ.

This isn't something that only she herself said....
...It was understood clearly by those who consumed her "testimonies".

Sabbath Herald, June 13, 1871
We invite all to compare THE TESTIMONIES of the Holy Spirit THROUGH Mrs. White with the word of God. And in this we do not invite you to compare them with your creed. That is quite another thing. The TRINITARIAN may compare them with his creed, and because THEY DO NOT AGREE WITH IT, CONDEMN them [ the testimonies of Mrs. White ]
The Adventists during Ellen Whites life promulgated a "creature christ" - SDA's reject that what Incarnated was eternally the Christ - instead they teach that creature christ was a "potential christ" who fortunately didn't sin, loose his salvation and suffer eternal annihilation by Flesh Father ( AKA God Almighty).

Ellen White taught that Lucifer had put Flesh Father into a sort of legal pickle whereas the angels and aliens on other worlds wondered IF HE WAS REALLY FAIR in expecting creation to obey His Holy Law. Here is the basic chronology:

  1. Flesh Father consults with Michael the archangel about creating mankind and leaves Lucifer out of the Council.
  2. Lucifer becomes indignant that Michael was promoted by Flesh Father and he wasn't.
  3. Adam and Eve sin and are expelled from the garden of Eden.
  4. Lucifer holds press releases throughout the galaxy that God is unfair and cruel, God's law is too hard to keep.
  5. Flesh Father is now in a real pickle and something must be done.
  6. Michael christ comes up with a plan that he will come to earth and prove Flesh Father's holy law CAN BE KEPT.
  7. There is huge risk in the plan for if Michael Christ fails to vindicate Flesh Father - Flesh Father will eternally exterminate Michael christ.
  8. Fortunately Michael christ succeeds and finds out his sacrifice was accepted by Flesh Father after Michael christ ascended to heaven.
Therefore creature christ came to "vindicate the law of God" and prove Flesh Father's holy law wasn't impossible to obey.

Ellen White Sabbath Herald August 13, 1895, paragraph 6
Representing the law of God in its true character arouses the enmity of Satan. Those who love God with all the heart, will love the law of his kingdom. They will not only profess to be guided by its principles, but they will actually live them out, even in a world that is no more favorable to the development of Christian principles than were the inhabitants of the world before the flood, of whom it is written that the thoughts and imaginations of their hearts were evil, and only evil continually. A similar condition of society exists in our world today, and if those who claim to be God's commandment-keeping people do not put in practice the principles of the law which Christ came to our world to vindicate, pronouncing it holy, just, and good, they misrepresent the character and mission of their professed Master

Ellen White
To be redeemed means to cease from sin. No heart that is stirred to rebellion against the law of God has any union with Christ, who died to vindicate the law and exalt it before all nations, tongues, and peoples.

Ellen White said God allowed her to live so that she could also vindicate Flesh Father's holy law.

Ellen White
Satan will continue to bring in his erroneous theories and to claim that his sentiments are true. Seducing spirits are at work. I am to meet the danger positively, denying the right of anyone to use my writings to serve the devil's purpose to allure and deceive the people of God. God has spared my life that I may present the testimonies given me, to vindicate that which God vindicates, and to denounce every sophistry [intended] to deceive if possible the very elect.--Ms 126, 1905, pp. 3, 7. ("A Warning Against Present Dangers," typed December 29, 1905.) {5MR 144.1}

Had creature christ failed in this attempt to vindicate flesh father's holy law below is what Ellen said would have happend.

Ellen White
The new tomb enclosed Him in its rocky chambers. If one single sin had tainted His character the stone would never have been rolled away from the door of His rocky chamber, and the world with its burden of guilt would have perished

Ellen White Desire of Ages page 49
Satan in heaven had hated Christ for His position in the courts of God. He hated Him the more when he himself was dethroned. He hated Him who pledged Himself to redeem a race of sinners. Yet into the world where Satan claimed dominion God permitted His Son to come, a helpless babe, subject to the weakness of humanity. He permitted Him to meet life's peril in common with every human soul, to fight the battle as every child of humanity must fight it, at the risk of failure and eternal loss.”

Ellen White, Sabbath Herald, Jan 14, 1909
We are to be partakers of knowledge. As I have seen pictures representing Satan coming to Christ in the wilderness of temptation in the form of a hideous monster, I have thought, How little the artists knew of the Bible! Before his fall, Satan was, next to Christ, the highest ANGEL in heaven

To be clear that Seventh-day Adventists understood Ellen correctly see below
SDA Signs of the Time April 2, 1940
It is VITAL for every Christian TO KNOW that Jesus Christ MIGHT have sinned. The Master was not beyond the clutches of temptation. The Heaven-sent Gift could have been eternally lost and the doom of humanity would have been eternally sealed. Jesus Christ knew the pull of evil. "In that He Himself hath suffered being tempted, He is able to succor them that are tempted."

This is FLAT OUT denying the Deity of Christ Jesus - something Sacred Scripture WARNS us against following these types of teachings.