Did Jesus pay a REAL price or a FAKE price for sin?


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Devout parents ~ by Reverend RV

John 1:36 KJV; And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!

Jesus was on his way to the Jordan River and John the Baptist saw him approaching. John was a Prophet of God and when he saw Christ walking towards him, John proclaimed that Jesus was the ‘Lamb of God which takes away the Sin of the world’. This won’t make sense to us unless we search and reference just exactly what it meant to be the Lamb of God. In Leviticus chapter 16 we learn about a ritual sacrifice; the ‘Day of Atonement’. Since God’s people Israel broke the Law of God, this meant that they had Sinned. But because they were the people of God, the LORD did not want to lose them and let them go to Hell. Moses was led by God and instituted the sacrificial system, which symbolically Atoned for Israel’s Sin. An Unspotted Goat would be slain on an Alter, and its blood shed for the Remission of Sins. This Day of Atonement had to be repeated annually because this Sacrifice would only ceremonially Atone for their Sin that year…

Pastor Charles Swindoll said that the family of Jesus were very devout. Sometimes they could have made sacrifices locally in their home town, but they would rather go to Jerusalem instead. Because of Judaism, the family of Jesus made sacrifices continually, and sacrifices were always required. The family of Jesus would bring a spotless lamb to the Temple as a sacrifice every time it was required of them. Jesus did not need the sacrifice; the Bible says he lived a Holy life and didn’t Sin. Because of his purity, he was like the Spotless Lamb which was required as a sacrifice at Passover, and the Spotless Goat from the Day of Atonement. Isn't it interesting that Christ’s family would bring both of their spotless lambs to the Temple; their spotless ewe lamb, AND their Spotless Christ?! But the family of Jesus would only sacrifice one of their Spotless Lambs…

Jesus was Spotless in part, because of the good shepherding of his devout family. Only by devout parents could Jesus be spotless; he wouldn’t have had an eighth day Circumcision without them. A time came when God received his Lamb back from the family who were shepherding him. God would bring ‘his’ Lamb to Jerusalem the last time Jesus ever went to a Passover. Instead of a Priest making the sacrifice this time, God made the sacrifice on a different kind of alter; a Roman Cross. Jesus shed his blood as an Atonement for Sin, but this Atonement was once and for all; no need to ever repeat it Annually. This Atonement wasn’t made just for the people of Israel but for the whole world! If you have ever told a Lie, if you have ever Stolen, if you have ever committed Adultery, if you’ve broken any of the Ten Commandments; this sacrifice will Atone for your Sins. We’re Saved from the Wrath of God against our Sin by Grace through Faith, not by Works; so believe on Jesus as your Savior and Repent of your Sins. ~ Jesus arose from the grave and went to Heaven, where he sits clothed in Majesty. Saint John saw him enthroned in the Heavenly places; but envisioned him as if he were a Lamb slain before the foundation of the world…

Revelation 5:6 KJV; And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.
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Tje full penalty of unremitted sin is eternal separation from God and eternal punishment in hell

Jesus did not face that

That's just an expression of wrath.

You are forcing the category into human terms, and making Christ not suffer anything that the Bible clearly says sin deserves.


Never once dealt with it.


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What percentage of what sin deserves did Jesus suffer from 0 to 100 percent?

If you deny wrath, being forsaken, and PSA, how much did Jesus suffer?

5 percent of what a sinner suffers?

Nothing of what a sinner suffers?
Brother, I'm pleading with you to consider His death for our sins as a holy act and treat it as such instead of some common act up for debate on a forum board. I mean no offense. The post is very inappropriate in my opinion due to the disrespect given to the humility and sacrificial death of our Lord. Our Lord suffered and died for us. Please show Him the proper respect that is due. Asking questions is one thing, but being contemptuous about our Lord's suffering and dying for us is another.

God bless
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That's just an expression of wrath.

You are forcing the category into human terms, and making Christ not suffer anything that the Bible clearly says sin deserves.


Never once dealt with it.
Sorry but you are avoiding the point

Jesus did not suffer the same as would an unforgiven sinner

That is simply a fact

BTW Christ never broke the law

e v e 21

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who God hates and will punish is satan…

Us who are His souls
He came to bring to Him
to restore us
and He took on our suffering and pain
caused by satan…
He does not want to punish us
He wants His sons to rule with Him!
He sent His son because He loves.

He does not want His souls suffering.
He is not evil.

the punishing and evil all of it comes from the enemy
.. who hates us and hates Christ and hates God…

satan revels in our suffering and His suffering for us… and obsesses over that and gloats with evil intention for christ to endure eternal punishment for daring to come here and free us and bring us to Him.

satan alters God’s words through theology and theologizers to confuse every soul it can
and corrupt His words to make them backward… just as he did to eve.

God came to bring us rest not punishment…
He took on our suffering from His love.

The punishment is to the satan realm which will not be forgiven for making eden to fall.

eternal punishment is for satan not Christ our deity.

souls are helpless since the fall
and are no match for satan

Christ is our only refuge