didn’t the prophets address the timeframe of 800-400 BC ?

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didn’t the prophets address the timeframe of 800-400 BC ?
No. With exception of a number of Jeremiah chapters and a few others,
more then 90% of the content in prophets addresses “a far future time”:
a couple of chapters point forward to the time of Christ , but most of them
deal with “the start of Revelation – and the timeframe following that”.

does that mean that prophets were misunderstood all this time ?
Yes . The mindset of scholars decided that the described events happened
within the 800-400 BC timeframe, and they translated the text accordingly,
but with disastrous result:
because the brutal mindset forgot that a term like “army” could also,
depending upon context, be “an angel army” or even “an army of spirits”
(since , after all , these are themes in prophets),
but their mindset placed every verse upon her own Procrustean bed,
thereby murdering any possible deeper layer of the described events.
… yet many themes in prophets far exceed any earthly reality,
and the reason is that a number of terms and phrases are not just used to
describe events in 800-400 BC with, but those same phrases are also used
to describe situations or places which exist in the Other Reality.