Disagreement Upon Corrupt Natures


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I express opposition to that which I do not believe to be right and, according to you, I am whining

What, though, do you call it, Steve, when God expresses His opposition to that which He does not believe to be right?
Creator's prerogative.

We're in his domain. So, we have to work on his terms.

Failure to do so results in our being handed our hats, and shown the door.

I recognize that you feel slighted by that, but I don't know a single person who would be willing to tolerate the abusive behavior and practices of someone whom they'd invited to come live with them, who treated the host and his family in a ruthless, cruel and malicious manner.

So, if you don't actually want to be in YHVH's home, and then abuse and act maliciously towards him and his family members, why would you be welcomed in his home?