Dissention Within the Roman Catholic Church


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How can all the dissention in the Roman Catholic Church aid in it's development?
They claim there is none. They are all in perfect unity. Strange some accept the pope, the other says he is not the legitimate pope.

Some use John 21:25 to justify their false beliefs, others say you have to be careful using it. Really either you can use it or not. Make up your minds. Some say Joseph was a widow with children, others have Joseph has a PV. But they are unified.


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Roman Catholics choose to be blinded and deceived by their religious organization who have repeatedly violated even their own standards. The actions of the RCC have weakened the bonds that once use to unite them, but the RCC has violated those bonds they once had with their followers, which has led to feelings of estrangement and broken ties at all levels within the Roman Catholic Church. The serious violations within the Roman Catholic Church exemplifies the fact that they have not been worthy witnesses to what they wanted their pew puppets to believe about them and what they supposedly stand for. Consequently, Roman Catholics have every right to question the Roman Catholic Church about it's presence in their community doing more harm than good. The RCC is not a living witnesses to holiness that they have always falsely projected themselves to be, and no longer have a good standing in their community.