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Wolfgang Van Halen was born March 16, 1991 to Valerie Bertinelli and Edward Van Halen. He was named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Edward and his brother Alex were founding members of the band Van Halen. The instrumental song 316, released by Van Halen in June of 1991 was a reference to Wolfgang's birth and the Wolfgang series guitar his father created in collaboration with Peavey was named after him. Wolfgang joined Van Halen in 2006, playing bass guitar. He appeared on the 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth as well as toured with the band until his father's death from cancer in October of 2020.

In 2013 Wolfgang had began working on music, playing all instruments, and vocals for what would become his first solo album and group Mammoth WVH, the name Mammoth taken from an early incarnation of Van Halen. He put everything on hold to take care of his father and spend "every waking moment with my dad."

The song Distance appears as a bonus track on the album which was completed in 2018 and released in 2021. It's a tribute to his father, who cried when he first heard it shortly before his death. The video includes home movies from Wolfgang's childhood.