do a character count?


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I know what I'd like as an option....
Would you guys please turn on the character count option?

I keep crossing over the 10,000 character limit (a few years ago you had a 16,384 (16kb) character limit and then dropped it to 10,000), so I go to put the post into a word document, to check the character count, and even when I get a thousand character below the character limit, it still tells me that I'm too high.

Having a character count would go a long ways to help deal with this.


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So, I'm back at this again. I've apparently run over the 10k character count. .

So, I've opened a word doc, pasted the contents of the post in it, and get an 11660 character count. I pick enough to keep continuity, to reduce it by 2556 characters. I go to post the remainder, and it tells me I STILL have a "greater than 10k characters."
I go to check the unselected part of the word doc's contents, and it tells me that I only have 9125 characters which I posted.

How does this work?
Which is it?
10k or what?