Does Trump Love his Country part II

I'd say it does seem so. Although he has not initiated as much change as I would have liked, he seems to want to bring America back to its roots. And I also know that he does not have the power that people think he does. The Deep State calls the shots. The people with the deepest pockets. They cut Trump off of funds(credit) America needs to operate and its game over.

Even I can do a better job than these politicians. Am I smarter than them, or do they know something I dont know? Is a greater power(Deep State) preventing real change? I believe so.

I told you how to defeat the Deep State, but they erased all our convos, in the month or so(only) that I was posting in the old forum and was not able to log back in.

Most republicans dismissed the idea. thats how I know they are crooked and not real republicans. They are political hacks. "Career Republicans". They are in it for profit. What republican would not want to destroy corruption, the deep state and eliminate taxes?

I noticed in the first thread that stated Trump was entertaining attacking Iran. Is he being blackmailed? They have been threating to go after him(sue him), when he leaves office. When they went after Clinton, Clinton also started dropping bombs right before his trial.

To me I see Trump as a sort of Jack Ruby, who was a hero to the working class and paid the ultimate price..... I know republicans hate unions but they were the foundation of the American dream and middle class.....

The Deep State is global in nature. The only way to beat them is all out civil war......And of course you have to win. Trump would need to enact temporary Marshall Law and use the military to start cleaning house. They can start with the main stream media.....Again Trump would need the Military and the Police on his side...

All you republicans that were prasing free market capitalism now finally see it for what it is. State Capitalism. Monopolies being formed world wide. Destroying all small business. Whats left will be destroyed via lockdowns.......

When your country is dependant on imports from another nation? Your sovereingty is compromised. They can cut off supplies to punish you into submission. Then you cut them off, and then they respond with Tariffs and you respond with tariffs but at the end of the day? The cost is passed down to the consumer....They dont lose.

Anyways, I think thats enough for today for you people to ponder.

Trump should revive the Tea party.


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I'm sure he does love his country. I'm sure it's a great place for the wealthy.

He just doesn't love the fact that it is also a democracy, where the people can vote him out of office.
OPPS I mean Jimmy Hoffa not Jack Ruby!! LOL I'm getting old. Jack Ruby was the guy that also spoke about a deep state running the country. He was killed for it.