DOJ: his tax returns are about to go public...


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With all due respect, that's irrelevant to the exchange between the two of us.

You said the possibility that the former white house occupant could have financial ties to Russia sounded like a conspiracy theory; and now you're calling some aspect of this a good idea from a business perspective.

It's both possible and reasonable to imagine that a president with significant financial ties to an enemy nation would be a security risk, sitting behind the resolute desk. And thus, a possible reason that he's hiding his tax returns...
See that's the problem with the left. They are stuck in cold war mentality. Russia isn't an enemy. Putin just happens to favor our more conservative presidents and that upsets the left. But it didn't bother them when the Bidens were screwing Ukraine over.

I was trying to be funny when I said it sounded like a conspiracy theory. Just like all the Q anon conspiracy theories. Lol!
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