Dr. Michael Brown debates William Albrecht. Albrecht complains about rules.

William Albrecht is a colleague of Gary Michuta who debates Protestants on the Biblical canon. Albrecht somehow got Dr. Michael Brown to debate him on whether or not Purgatory is in the Protestant OT & the NT. After Albrecht's opening statement, Dr. Brown announced that Albrecht was not adhering to the parameters they previously agreed upon. Instead, Albrecht began to talk about the beliefs about Purgatory in early church councils, early church fathers, and the Apocrypha. Albrecht complained, and even after he agreed to the parameters during the debate, he continued to try to get Dr. Brown to discuss these topics they did not agree on, and at one point tried to turn the debate into a discussion on the canon itself. He got so hostile, by talking over Dr. Brown that the moderator had to step in. And then he complained about the moderator that he should not have done it! That was a first for me. Even people commenting in the live chat and below in the comments sections noticed this. If you want to watch the debate, here is the link: