"easy grace" and "cheap grace"


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Hence, "faith alone".
We don't forget "faith".

I find it incredibly amusing that Mormons throw a hissy-fit thinking that Christians criticize Mormonism without understanding it (or so Mormons claim), yet you demonstrate that you are completely ignorant of the "five sola's". The fact that there are FIVE "solas" should be the very first clue (for anyone with an I.Q. over 12, anyway) that they are not referring to the same thing, and that they are answering DIFFERENT questions:

What must I do to be saved? Sola Fide

What must I trust? Solus Christus

What must I obey? Sola Scriptura

What must I earn? Sola Gratia

What is the point? Soli Deo Gloria

(From https://thecripplegate.com/5-questions-and-the-5-solas/)
There is an issue with your five solas. Grace is not something that you earn. Just make the Salvation statement with the four solas, and explain how the fifth encases all of it. Saved by grace alone (Sola Gratia), through faith alone (Sola Fide), in Christ alone (Sola Christus), for the glory of God alone. (Sola Deo Gloria.) The truth of this is found solely in scripture (Sola Scriptura). How are we saved? (grace and faith), who saved us (Christ), and why did God bother? (for God's glory). Where do we find all of this? (scripture). This sounds like you pulled it from a Catholic website...just pointing it out.