Ever wanted to post on CARM and couldn't for laughing?


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So, I was going to post a "poll" of sorts. It was going to be something akin to: "Woody50 has been here for about a month. What is your take of him so far?" My choices were going to be things like, "A. Smart, B. Stupid" and so on. When I got to "D," I thought "Butt-knuckle" was a good option.

Why butt-knuckle? First, it's a great insult and I have NO IDEA what it means. I heard it being shouted (not at me) from a driver at an intersection once. At the time, I laughed so hard, I couldn't find the gas pedal...and subsequently got HONKED at (angry honked, if you know what I mean). As I struggled to find the accelerator, I kept expecting someone to call me a butt-knuckle...which only made me laugh harder...and people honked longer...and...well, you get it.

I eventually got out of the intersection, and it is only by the grace of God that I was able to drive home in spite of the tears of laughter that clouded my eyes.

I still can't post that, because of the tears...