Evolution is a fact.

Authentic Nouveau

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A healthy discussion is good.
Alas, one obnoxious person just wants to spew insults at everyone.
Why are some people like that? Wait. I know why.
The internet protects them from consequences.
Behaviour that would get them a punch on the mouth in real life, is now safe thanks to the internet.
Well, we may not be able to punch these vile people. But we can report them, and hope the mods will deal with them.
I hope this new CARM is better than its previous incarnations. A place for civil discussion.
Why are you angry and hurling accusations instead of discussing science?


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Fact 1: You are descended from your parents.

Fact 2: You are not genetically identical to either of your parents.

Therefore you are descended from your parents with modification.

Descent with modification is evolution.