False Prophets


True. I think those same people feel insulted by the existence of logical fallacies themselves...
Worse, they accuse others of making logical fallacies without a clue to how to show a potential logical fallacy. They think that their personal authori-tie makes their mere accusation an absolute proof. Like every word from their keyboard should be equal to "It is written...".

Of course, if one comments on their error, so my previous post...

Bob Carabbio

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So, as of 2/9/21 it's obvious that the PROPHETS weren't "Prophets" at all. just religious fools CLAIMING to speak for God, when they never actually had anything from Him to share at all. Nothing but "Superheated FLESH" without an iota of truth.

John t

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No, it's not. It's sardonicism. It literally contains no insult.
That is not a word; you just made it up., and it also fails the definition test:

disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking

None of those adjectives apply

By definition, you are attacking and insulting another poster. So if you do not like what I post, complain to a mod.


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John t

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Oops :D

By pointing out that you don't understand what sardonicism means? Not hardly :D

I provided the definition from Merriam Webster. You simply created a non-existent word, therefore, your accusation fails. What you do not understand is that any form of the word "sardonic" (and your creation is NOT a form of the word) is an insult, BY DEFINITION.

Our Lord's God

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I used to think that false prophets can only be found in Christian cults and other pagan religions. I was wrong. It's also rampant in Evangelical Christianity, thus, fulfilling this prophecy:

"... and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people."

These are just self-appointed wannabe prophets or cold readers, nothing more. They keep on saying, "The Lord told me this, the Lord told me that." It really gives me the impression that they are liars and just speaking out from their own imagination or delusion.

If you're an evangelical Christian, do you still believe them after their failed prophecy regardless?

The entire "church system" is jam packed full of false prophets.

Our Lord's God

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Is English your native tongue? Do you know what a "belief system" is, because it's not merely a word with the "-ism" suffix.

suffix: -ism
  1. 1.
    forming nouns denoting an action or its result.
    • forming nouns denoting a state or quality.
  2. 2.
    forming nouns denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement.
    • forming nouns denoting a basis for prejudice or discrimination.
  3. 3.
    forming nouns denoting a peculiarity in language.

  4. 4.
    forming nouns denoting a pathological condition.
You're way out in left field; I'll leave you to it :rolleyes:


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That's one example in the reference I've posted, sure. I don't think calling it a "belief system" is accurate at all, because it's part of one, but isn't one by itself.

But since that one might be debatable, the other quoted examples make my point: alcoholism isn't a belief system; neither is a colloquialism.

I'm going to leave this thread, because the one troll I've interacted with here (NOT you) is taking the thread off-topic with this stuff, and that's something the mods frown upon.


I provided the definition from Merriam Webster. You simply created a non-existent word, therefore, your accusation fails. What you do not understand is that any form of the word "sardonic" (and your creation is NOT a form of the word) is an insult, BY DEFINITION.
Well since your posted definition didn't match the LINKED ONE from Merriam Webster, I fail to see how you are speaking truthfully in that claim.

Also, your claim that the other poster created a "made up word" when THE ACTUAL LINK shows that word defined by Merriam Webster's dictionary, it calls into doubt your veracity on this subject. It might possibly your honest ignorance of the English language, which is not a negative thing unless one refuses to learn when confronted by contrary facts. To call that a "personal insult" would be to define one's idea of "personal insult" to be that which disagrees with that person.

Instead you chose to post the definition for the word "sardonic", which may or may not be considered personally insulting, but usually isn't. Unless, of course, a certain person believes that contradiction of their false claims to be personally insulting. That certain type of person shows themselves to be vain, arrogant and have trouble with the truth at all times. Otherwise, one would have to show that it is not just disdain or skeptical, but that is actually derisive humor, not only of the silly idea that prompted it, but of the person promoting the silly idea personally.

Snowflakes who are so thin skinned as to be the princess from "The Princess and The Pea" story should not be allowed to create the standards for adult discourse.

That type of person, speaking in general, would be the type who attempts to moderate other posters by shaming in rude posts on forums where moderation is to be left to the moderators. A rather childish action by this type of person.

Now, where have I seen that kind of shaming attempts in modern culture...