Firstborn as part of a group?


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LOL! Nope. Your recorded posting history is right here for any and all to see and evaluate for themselves; and it shows NOTHING but repeated, craven running away from things that have already been presented to you that you have NEVER honestly engaged with.

The HONEST thing to do is for you to engage with those things FIRST, before you run away to something else.

But your posts don't do that and never have.

I am PERFECTLY content to let any honest and fair-minded person review the posts and decide for themselves between us about this. I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with that happening. It's right here on this board for ALL to see - and this ISN'T the only discussion where they will see it. The posting history of the JW board shows that cravenly running away from what's already been presented is ALL you do in EVERY discussion you post on.
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