Firstborn removed from many MV’s which follows RCC doctrine of Mary not having other children, which scripture names Mary’s other children.


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I said somethiing useful in message #21, about an Old Testament ritual called "Redemption of the first born", which - despite its title - does not imply the existence of a second-born. But this was ignored completely.

Well, there are a couple of problems.
You don't quote anyone you're responding to, so it's difficult to figure out who you're talking to, or what you're talking about.

Secondly, the rendering of Matt. 1:25 is determined by the Greek textual evidence of the verse, not about a reading in the Torah. So your post was probably ignored because it was deemed irrelevant.


The Greek word used in the LXX version of the verses about redemption of the firstborn is the same word used in Matt. 1:25. It describes "the child which opens the womb"; it does not require, indeed it cannot imply, the presence of a second-born.