German Heackels and EvoPusher brain washings

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Hypatia_Alexandria;n5998572 said:
Watch images of a human embryo developing. You are effectively looking at evolution.

Why does a human embryo have gill slits? Why does it have a tail? Why does it gestate in a saline solution? Why does the human body contain sodium chloride?

Haeckels was of course refuted 100years ago and his deceptive drawings and false claims were plastered in textbooks anyhow.

A quick summary of this theory's claims are:
During the human embryonic development, the embryo "recapitulates" (or repeats) mans Evolutionary stages, from a fish to a chicken, to a dog, to a man.

Included in his claims are what Haeckel said was "clearly a yolk sac" (from our days as a chicken..), a lizards tail (from when we were reptiles), and gill slits (from when our ancestors were fish).

None of the above is true.

It is so simple for us who have studied medicine to prove the craziness evoStan dwellers are popular for.
He supports his fantasies with drawings and labeling spam.

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Many Evolutionists will now admit that Haeckel’s theory was actually a fraud. Even they realize that this false information needs to be removed from the textbooks.

Locals will not call out their own hucksters like Chuckster either
"The core scientific issue remains unchanged: Haeckel's drawings in 1874 are substantially fabricated. In support of his view, I note that his oldest "fish" images is made up of bits and pieces from different animals- some of them mythical . It is not unreasonable to characterize this as "faking".... Sadly, it is the discredited 1874 drawings that are used I so many British and American Biology textbooks today."
Evolutionist Mik Richardson’s letter to "Science" 281 (5381); 1289 Aug 28, 1998 titled "Haeckel's Embryos, continued"

CladoSpam is another pathway for brain washings.


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Locals will not call out their own hucksters like Chuckster either

CladoSpam is another pathway for brain washings.
I've seen enough news lately to see the effect of CNN, MSNBC...fake news...and how they can sway people by presenting a lie over and over again..or even leaving out the truth.

Gill Slits. Proven false yet still used.