Getting To Know The JWs


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For a home-spun, Bible-based religion whose origin is relatively recent, the
Watchtower Society has done pretty well for itself. Beginning with one man shortly
after the American Civil War, it currently numbers approximately 8.7 million
evangelical members spread out in approximately 118,000 congregations
worldwide. The grand total-- evangelicals and non evangelicals --is estimated to be
something like 20 million.

My first encounter with a Watchtower Society agent (a.k.a. Jehovah's Witness)
occurred in 1969. At the time I was young and inexperienced; and thus assumed
that the missionary coming down my dad's driveway was a typical Christian.

But when I talked this over with an elder; he became alarmed; and urged me to
read a little book titled "30 Years A Watchtower Slave" by William J. Schnell; whom
the Society at one time demonized as an agent of Satan. I would not be surprised if
it still does.

After getting my eyes opened by Mr. Schnell's book, I was afterwards steered
towards another book titled "Kingdom Of The Cults" by Walter Martin. No doubt the
Society demonizes Mr. Martin too.

Around late 1980, my wife and I attended a series of lectures sponsored by a local
church titled "How To Witness To Jehovah's Witnesses". The speaker (call him Pete)
was a former JW who had been in the Watchtower Society system for near three
decades before terminating his involvement; so he knew the twists and turns of its
doctrines pretty good.

Pete didn't train us to hammer the Society's missionaries in a debate because even
if you best them scripture for scripture, they will not give up on the Society. Their
mind's unflinching premise is that the Society is right even when it appears to be
totally wrong. They are thoroughly convinced that the Society is the voice of God,
while your voice has no more validity than that of a squeaky little gerbil.

Later on, I read a book titled "Why I Left The Jehovah's Witnesses" by Ted Dencher.
I also read the Society's little brown book titled "Reasoning From The Scriptures".

(This was all before the internet and the ready volume of information available
online, e.g. YouTube.)

From all that vetting, study, and training I quickly discovered that although the
Watchtower Society uses many of Christianity's standard terms and phrases, those
terms and phrases mean something entirely different in the JW mind than what
you'd expect because the Society has re-defined the meanings of those

So your first challenge with Jehovah's Witness teachings is to scale the language
barrier. That by itself is an Herculean task because you'll not only be up against a
tangle of semantics, but also a Jumanji of twisted scriptures, double speak,
humanistic reasoning, rationalizing, and clever sophistry.


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Same as many other cultists, they THINK they're saved, while in reality, they "have a form of godliness, while denying its POWER."

When their agents came to my home, I said, "I'll listen to you for as long as you want, if you listen to me for 10 minutes afterward. Promise me to listen to me without interruption, & I'll do the same for you !"(I knew one of those gentlemen; he'd referreed some of my boxing matches.)

When my turn came, & had my "JW kit" ready. I asked them, "Who do YOU say Jesus is ?" Of course they said, "a great teacher". I read the Scriptural passages telling who Jesus actually is, (from the NASV; I don't use the KJV.) I told them, "You're NOT saved til you come to Jesus in repentance, belief,faith & submission. There's simply no other way to be saved from the penalty of your sins, nor anyone else but Jesus who can & will forgive your sins & actually save you from hell." As promised, they patiently listened to me, but their body language screamed discomfort ! When I finished, I asked them if they had any questions or anything else they wanted to say. They looked at each other & said, No. So I said, "Have a nice day & please, PLEASE, carefully consider what I said. Meanwhile, I'll consider what YOU said, & compare it to Scripture, our supreme religious authority til Jesus returns. If you have any questions, feel free to return, if you see my truck in the driveway."

I've not received any more JW visits since then, & the gentleman I knew from them has since died. There useta be a kingdom hall they'd recently built 3 blox away, but it shut down & they sold the building.