Ground Shaking And Thick Dark Smoke With A Red Substance In The Centre


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Last night I dreamt that me and my sister were running, the ground was shaking a lot when we looked in the sky we saw individual explosions in the air, one after the other, but there was space between them of equal distance, and they did not appear to be moving at the time. There could have been 5 or more in the air forming an arc in the sky, and my sister said that every time we saw one of these things she would shout and this would alert others to what was going on. I remember there were some people running while some people were not at all, I remember a woman was wondering why we were running while the ground was moving, if we were trying to get ourselves killed..

Then the dreamt switched I saw a white boat or white yatch on a light blue sea, the area was sunny, and then all of a sudden I saw a dark thick smoky thing with something red within it about to engulf this boat/yacht. It reminded me somewhat of a volcano but I do not know what it was.
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