Ground Splitting Open In Jamaica


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I dreamt that I was in a car and as we were driving the ground literally began splitting in front of us. The split was deep and severe, so severe we shouldn't have been able to drive on the road, but because of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ we were able to drive over the sections of the road that were severely split (the ground was open to the point there was sizeable space between, so we shouldn't have been able to drive over), and we ended up at a place and I saw other people there.

My advice to all Christians, is to pray everyday, asking Jesus Christ to cover you, your family, and your loved ones with his blood, and asking Jesus Christ to send his angels to protect you and your loved ones. I have never the ground split like this in Jamaica, and even elsewhere, without Jesus Christ protection, and faith in him for his protection, we won't survive what is coming. Trust Jesus Christ to do the impossible for you, no matter how bad things may look.

I had another dream previously about an earthquake in Jamaica, when the earthquake was hitting, people were in shock to the point they were not moving at all, and I saw Jesus Christ in heaven shouting for us people in Jamaica to move, not to stand still, during the earthquake, but many people were just stuck standing in place. So please pray that Jesus Christ will enable people to make the right decisions when a disaster or disasters are occurring so that innocent people will survive.