Hard Core Pro-Trump sheep give Morning Joe a boost

Because of idiots like Cavuto, they are manifesting the leftist, soi boy characteristic of being unable to tolerate even two seconds of opposing viewpoints and are leaving FOX News in droves, giving the imbecile Morning Joe his first ratings victory over FOX in years.

I dang near worship Donald Trump and find Juan Williams to be insufferable, but no one is going to deprive me of the insights of political sages such as Gutfeld and Bongino.

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What is "Fox News"?

We turned off our television middle of March when March Madness was cancelled. It has been turned on a half dozen times to watch football in the past 2 months.

Professional research findings indicate television is unhealthy for children. Now it seems the same or worse for adults.

How can I leave "Fox News" if I don't even know if we have it available on our teevee?

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President Trump Executive Order 2018

Sounds like an IRS Jeopardy assessment for tax evasion can apply to traitors and entities which commit Federal Crime of tampering.