Heart-warming commercial: Lily and the Snowman


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This is a 2-minute animation that is actually a promotional video for a Canadian movie chain, but it is very good as heart-warming entertainment in its own right. As for what I really like about the short film,

1. It is short - gets its point across in under 2 minutes.
2. It is fast paced - Lily grow up from a little kid to an adult in 4 scenes taking only 10 seconds of film time total.
3. Expectations are masterfully subverted by having Lily talk on the cell-phone as she grabs a frozen dinner and ignores the snowman.
4. In 4 seconds the garage scene beautifully portrays the passage of years as we see two different cars and abandonment as we see more and more junk piled against the refrigerator. (And the fact that Lily now has a child is briefly hinted at by the presence of a bike with training wheels just before the garage door closes. So much meaning piled into 4 seconds of screen time!
5. The mostly-empty office building where Lily works alone shows how much she has misplaced here priorities, as all her co-workers are home with their families.
6. After Lily remembers the snowman, two quick shots of her grabbing keys and her coat drives home the sudden intensity of her resolve.
7. The cover of the 1978 Genesis song "Follow You Follow Me" as sung by Adaline in the film.

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