Hi, I’m back from a long time ago. I’m curious if anyone else having issues with radicalizing groups influencing the church? I need Christian input.


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I have studied Catholicism rather exxtensively, though wish I knew more.

I know about certain anti-Church groups infiltrating the RCC.. have read books on this.. seen the liberalism in the Church, hate it... fight against it as best I can... not sure I am making much impact..


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I’m Ray, I mis my old brothers and sisters on here. I hope to remember you all.
I don't know of any radicalizing groups per se, but the presence of radicalizing ideas, or at least posturing is fairly common among individuals. However this is in no way restricted to church communities, and is more a function of the American male's mindset. There is an abundance of evidence from numerous websites, e.g. Facebook, nextdoor, etc.


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Let’s assume there is, I want us all to be grounded enough, roots deep enough to not be moved by this type of nonsense, not be swayed by the storms