Holiday Season Gifts for customers - Without Offending Anyone (HELP me!!)

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Here's a thread everyone can chime into without treading on someones denominational toes, or getting intellectually/emotionally overheated.

No right or wrong answers.
Your Two Cents Worth opinion could be the answer to my dilemma.

Here's the problem.

I've recently been put into a new job at a new company which (unashamedly) and AMAZINGLY has a budget to spend money on giving expensive bottles of wine/spirits to key customers as (what used to be called Christmas) end of year gifts. I'm taking over from a former employee who recently retired.

I have been asked to prepare my expenditure list having regard to the customer names and dollar amounts spent last year. (50-60 clients. Gift amounts ranging from $20 to $100 per person.)

I have reservations about continuing this tradition but also wondering what happens when clients don't get their annual gift bottle of high proof Bourbon.

Is there a non-alcoholic alternative?

No! I'm not allowed to substitute gift vouchers/cards. Corporate bosses say that's equivalent to cash and against policy.

No, I'm not allowed to give cheesy golf umbrellas with the company logo because that's "merchandise" and merchandise promos aren't done at Christmas time.

Yes, it can be food hampers but it's hard to navigate the kosher, halal, glutten, nut allergy landscape.

What would you give? Gift ideas?

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Are these bribes? Don't modern companies restrict their employees from receiving such outdated graft? Why is alcohol culture thought to be a good gift idea? So many clients might be Muslim, recovering alcoholics. How do you give gifts to one person at a client account without offending their co-workers who think they deserve a bottle of scotch too? Am I overthinking this? Maybe unwanted stuff gets re-gifted anyway.

Help me ?

look at youtube and find there you will find help just look for jewish gifts or celebration for gifts cheap or kosher and many searches good luck ;D.