How Do Atheists Explain The Incomprehensible Variety Of The World's Material Objects?


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JAG Writes:

You go into a Super Walmart Store and you go into a Super Mall,
like The Mall Of America, and you look at what is on the shelves.

You pause and reflect upon the numerous varieties of raw materials
used to make the hundreds of thousands of material objects found
in those stores and in the world at large --- from paper clips to huge
ocean going cruise ships and aircraft carriers and Boeing 747's.

You pause and think about the almost unfathomable number of
material objects humans have made from the raw materials (eg.
steel, copper, iron) that go into the construction of all the
infrastructure that makes up all the buildings and skyscrapers
in all the cities of the entire world. New York City, London, Atlanta,
Paris, Brussels, and many thousands of other cities and towns
worldwide. .

You stop and reflect upon the millions of different kinds of material
objects that have existed and do now exist throughout the
world --- objects that allow us to both do the world's work and
to relax and enjoy life.

Do you believe that all that above was produced by non-intelligent
natural processes? Many millions of human beings find that to be

Here are some raw materials and some objects that man made from raw
materials. Do you believe that non-intelligent natural processes produced
or made possible all of this?

Lead, tin, copper, bauxite, iron ore, raw latex, crude oil, coal, cotton,
trees, granite, gems, mercury, zinc, glass, paper clips, rubies, chemicals,
potassium, topaz, diamonds, titanium, nickel, plastics, paper, jasper,
lumber, natural gas, minerals, steel, corn, grain, gasoline, milk,
vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, fruit, sapphires, cell phones,
computers, refrigerators, concrete, etc
The world of untold millions of different kinds of raw materials and physical
objects made by humans from those raw materials, and the way they
co-exist together allowing humans to build the modern world as it exists
today --displays a staggering amount of Intelligent Design.
It is unreasonable to believe that all that up there was produced by
unthinking non-intelligent natural processes. It is far more reasonable to
believe that all that up there was produced by an Intelligent Mind, an
Intelligent Designer, God.

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth."__Genesis 1:1



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In a related vein, this:

I limit my comments mostly to arguing for an Intelligent Designer.

Then I identify that Intelligent Designer as the God of the Bible and I do that
BY FAITH. The Teleological Argument {Intelligent Design} will NOT take you
to the God of the Bible -- but I am totally convinced BY FAITH that the God
of the Bible was the Intelligent Designer that created this Universe and the
Human Race -- and created all the raw materials used by man to make the
untold tens of thousands of items mentioned in my OP.

Please read this very carefully and please read carefully the section near the
bottom that I titled "Speaking About Faith {it is bolded red}

Evolutionists claim that , , ,

~ natural selection
~ :random mutation
~ atoms and molecules
~ chemical reactions
~ etc etc etc

unthinking non-intelligent Time
unthinking non-intelligent Chance
unthinking non-intelligent Matter , , ,

, , eventually produced a situation where our ancestors crawled
up out of the Primordial Slime or Primordial Soup, at first just a
tiny speck, later to become the size of a dime, later to become the
size of a golf ball, later to become a Bullfrog or Whatever You Say It Was
later to become a Monkey or a Chimp, later to become a "George W. Bush."


Moreover, , , Evolutionists believe that , , ,

~ unthinking non-intelligent Time
~ unthinking non-intelligent Chance
~ unthinking non-intelligent Matter , , ,

. . . produced a , , ,

■ highly complex Human Brain
■ a highly complex Human Eye
■ a highly complex Fully Functioning Human Body
■ a highly complex Earth
■ a highly complex Universe.
and eventually produced a , , ,
■ highly complex George W. Bush"


It takes a lot of Faith to believe all that up there.
And my view is that anybody who believes all that
up there is a Great Man Of Faith -- this is why I
speak about the Religion Of Evolution.

Speaking about Faith , , ,
My view is that it has NOT been scientifically proved that the
one-celled speck in the Primordial Slime eventually became
"Oprah Winfrey" and "Joe Biden" , ,

, , but, , ,

, , Evolution is not a crucial issue for the Christian anyway.

Millions of us say Evolutionists have NOT scientifically proved
that "George W. Bush" started off as a single-celled speck that
"came up out of the Slime" -- but even if they do, one day, prove
that it happened that way, So what? Who cares?

We Christians will forever believe in the God that created the highly
complex Human Person, the highly complex Human Brain, the highly
complex Human Eye, the highly complex Earth, the highly complex
Universe, and all that exists --- how He did it, is interesting but it has
zero to do with our Faith in God , ,,

, , , repeat , , ,

how He did it, is interesting but it has zero to do with
our Faith in God , ,,

"Have Faith in God."___The Lord Jesus {Mark 11:22}