How do you like your gospel? Straight up, or in a mix?


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Typo! I meant John 1:9

Still does not explain how you arrived from the context of John 1:9 as a refection of Jesus lighting every men with reason and nature.
Every man who comes into the world is given the light of conscience, reason and nature. Far from everyone gets the light of the gospel, so it does not refer to that.


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It's from the Bible, not Calvin.
People should sometimes pause and think before posting.

Withdrawing grace allowing life to even exist, toward all (every individual) and applying saving grace to all (every individual) is just not Biblical, for not all (every individual) are saved.

However, in order to win an argument, some will just blindly keep bashing their heads against logical Biblical teachings.

It would seem that some think attributing a truth (common grace) found throughout scripture to so called "Calvinism" devoid's that truth and makes it null and void.