How Many Deaths and Hospitalizations Were Averted by the Vaccine?

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from the video:

cdc (and whatever satanic monsters control them) controls the ‘bio’ tech they devised (=made lethal)
….which they patented all over the place —— 5011 patents.
the jab is delivery system for their poison.
it is the ‘virus’.

they control testing of it.
the diagnostics.
the treatment.

it is their ‘created’ pandemic.

it’s their ‘patented’ concept start to finish.

just satan ——
always trying to ‘help mankind’.

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if anyone makes it to the 30 minute mark the video gets very interesting….

the people in charge…. and
"the only people who can know the facts
are the same people (=criminals) who orchestrated the scheme in the first place!"
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Under FauciMania, he predicted 2 MILLION dead in America using a prediction based on when there were still less than 10 "confirmed" dead.
The projections by Dr. Anthony Fauci that U.S. deaths could range from 1.6 million to 2.2 million deaths is a worst‐case scenario if the country did ‘nothing’ to contain the outbreak.

Man, that sounds amazingly accurate.

Your Orange Cult leader said it would max out at 15 cases.

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i guess biden knows a generation of continually sick people is on the horizon..
as he has contracted to build a factory to produce covid test strips in WI.

The factory will finish being built and begin production in 2024, since, as some have said,
all this will continue as a permanent situation to be lived with.
Interesting biology. The body created by God and intricate immune system will "fight " against foreign proteins and that is why boosters are required.

On the evolution board I started the thread about the human liver and it's known 500 functions. All those functions stumbled accross by "accident"?

Lot of enzymes with a purpose.