Hubby and I saw a very good movie on TV a few days ago...


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that I had recorded earlier. It is called "Instant Family", about a couple in late 30's who realize something is missing and take in three siblings to foster them--one is 15, one 10, and one is 6. My husband and I could relate to some of it, since we adopted a little girl from India when she was 9. The movie shows the "honeymoon" period, then when all h-e-double hocky sticks breaks loose, after the honeymoon period is over with; their difficulties in trying to love these children--there is one scene when they are in their bedroom, complaining about how the children are 'the worst' and are driving them crazy, how they have to be bad guys and give back the children, etc. and etc....then there is a pause, while the wife, I think it is, says "We are never going to do that, are we?", while her husband is shaking his head.

So they plow on. The movie does document the difficulties and challenges, but also the humor, in the situation. It is well-written and the dialogue is great.

Anyway, just an idea.