Human Shield's Being Held Hostage In Ukraine


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The Daily Star

Kept as ‘human shields’ in Ukraine camps, say stranded Bangladeshis​

March 05, 2022

Thanks to the ongoing conflict, many inhabitants of Ukraine has been forced to relocate to neighbouring countries. However, these 120 people cannot even get out of the camp -- going to a safer location seems like a far cry. They complain that they are being held there merely to be used as "human shields", as and when that particular need arises.

The Daily Star had a chat with Riyad Malik, who has been stranded in the camp along with four fellow Bangladeshis. He mentioned, although the detention centre had all kinds of facilities before, since the conflict intensified, those facilities started becoming scarce. They are currently enduring lack of adequate food, water, electricity and all other necessities.

"We have been tortured, and they took away our phones. I somehow managed to hide this phone, which came as a blessing as I'm being able to talk to you. They took away our phones in order to stop us from contacting the media. They imprisoned us and kept us here as hostages. We are being used as human shields. They don't even give us enough food to eat," lamented Malik.