Hymn Suggestions for Gus' "Church"

stiggy wiggy

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Go Dispel it on the Mountain

Were You There, Well WERE You?

How Great Thou Aren't

Shall We Blather at the River

Amazing Space

What a Fiend We Have in Jesus

It Ain't Well with My Soul

A Mighty Fortress Is My Bod

Gus Bovona

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Stiggy, I have rarely sung your praises (hah!), but let me praise your humor here.

When I started to get where the OP was going, I was fully prepared for humor that would be based on some sort of zinger against atheists, something along the lines of Babylon Bee. In fact, I just went there and the first article I see is "CDC still Baffled People Are Paying Attention To Them." That is more of a zinger against the CDC than it is funny; or, rather, it is funny mostly because it is a zinger. I'm sure everyone can think of humor from the atheist and/or leftist side that would do the same thing.

But Stiggy's humor here is not like that. The humor of those song titles isn't based on some zinger against disbelief, it's merely the absurdity of translating well-know religious song titles into a non-religious sphere. In fact, my favorite - "What a Fiend We Have in Jesus" - could be argued to be doing the exact opposite, making a zinger against Jesus and Christianity by calling Jesus a fiend.

So, kudos to Stiggy. (Until the next absolutely bat-**** crazy irrational nonsense that it will be my pleasure to identify.)