I have bad news about Dianaiad...


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I have not heard from her since the middle of April, when she posted briefly on here. She told me she was having this procedure done on April 2, that would either cure her multiple myeloma, or kill her. Three weeks later, she posted once on here and I was ecstatic--I figured she had survived and would get better...but I very much fear she has died. I have searched the obituaries in the town where she lives and a very large nearby urban area, but have not seen her listed and I do know her full name and address.

Back in early February, we started PMing each other (we could do that then). We actually became friends and exchanged email addresses. My avatar then was the Luther Rose, as it is now, but a different version that appeared to be embroidered. She had an embroidery machine that she loved to use. She wanted to make me an embroidered Luther Rose I could sew on a bookbag, but I told her that the only sewing I do is sewing on buttons and sewing up split seams. So, she said she could make a bible cover for me, and put the rose on that. I was delighted and sent her the dimensions of the favorite bible that I use, my very worn NASB. We emailed back and forth over the next month or two, with her sending me different color variations, which we discussed, until we both chose what we thought was the best color combination.
She said she had all of the materials so she didn't need to buy anything. Then she announced she would be mailing it to me soon. I figured she would give it to someone else to mail, since she was in a special hospital, preparing for the procedure.
I sent her my last half pint jar of fig jam, made from my fig tree in the front yard. I am great at making jams. She had once told me she missed the fig tree she used to have where she used to live. Two days before the procedure, she got my jam and thanked me profusely for it, saying she would taste it before the procedure. She told me to be on the lookout for something in the mail from her, so I figured she must have had the bible cover mailed.

I never got it. And that email sent to me 2 days before the procedure was the last time she emailed me. Three weeks later, she posted once on here--on that "Will the LDS lose its tax-free status?" thread. That was the last I have heard from her. I sent numerous emails and e-Easter cards, which went unacknowledged.

I don't know why I never got the Bible cover, unless the person who was supposed to have mailed it failed to do so, or lost it. I would give a great deal to have it, to remember Dianaiad by. We really had become good friends, deciding, by mutual consent, not to debate in our emails.

A couple of months ago, I sent her a note via snail mail, figuring that if she was unable to deal with her mail, maybe some family member would read it to her. I included my email address for the family member. Again, it went unanswered.

What puzzles me is why I have not seen any obituary notices in the newspapers near where she lived. Unless her family just did not want to deal with such notices.

Anyway, she told me before her procedure that if she went a long time with her not coming on the boards, that meant she had died and to let everyone on the boards know about it. I hope it is okay with the mods that I did so here.


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I’m so sorry to hear this. In spite of our different religious beliefs, and sometimes energetic disagreements, there were things about her that I really appreciated.

I told her once that I thought we might be friends. I enjoyed her enthusiasm for other things she was involved in. And her sense of humor.

If she has passed, I hope it was peaceful, and that her family is finding comfort in good memories.


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She may have been closer to the truth than we realize...I wish I had that Bible cover to remember her by.