I reject the Rcc, its pope, its marian dogmas, its claim to be the one, true church..

Still showing that you do not know what about the RCC seals, so you shouldn't comment,.
Ummmm.... Seriously? I'm not talking about the Sacraments. I'm talking about the 23 [cultural] rites of the Catholic Church which are in union with the Pope.
It’s interesting that what both you and RayneBeau posted are fully Catholic and yet you seem to think otherwise.

Is this supposed to be some form of reverse psycology? We know this statement is false and full of rubbish. Because rc's do not believe that Jesus is powerful enough to save them alone without any help from anyone else, so they have to worship idols to make their salvation complete. This has been said so to speak by rc's themselves ad nauseam.

Nothing bonnie or raynebeau said is even remotely roman catholic in thought or deed. Its only you trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. And it isn't working.