If Jesus Is Human

Kade Rystalmane

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Who Jesus' biological father?
He did not have one. His conception was supernatural, a direct act of creation by God within a female virgin.
From reading your opinion of what the sin nature is...I see you still don't understand it. We've discussed it earlier.

I'll keep it brief this time...If you don't have a sin nature you don't have to sin...all though A&E demonstrated they could.
I agree. And I see this capacity in all humans. I see no need to add the concept of "sin nature" on top of this.
If you have a sin nature it is your nature to sin..and you will sin and fall short.
And I don't believe that this is part of mankind. No man has to sin and fall short. Jesus showed us this was possible being fully man.
Through one man sin entered...no man is good. A&E's eyes wre open. Do you think that means they could now physically see?
Sin entered via knowledge. The Tree was called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Romans 5:12 is referring generically to all men, not individually and specifically. Paul concludes the thought there "for all have sinned". The sin is their individual personal choice, not something they inherited from Adam.

A&E's eyes were opened is a metaphor for them gaining knowledge and understanding.
I have no clue as to what you are talking about here. Can't have children????
Can't have children with a sinful nature. It's a complete thought.
The sin nature isn't a design flaw...as if God created A&E with it. It is somthing that began. But. untill you understand what the sin nature is..it'll be difficult discussing it with you.
I believe I understand it, I just don't see that it's a Biblical concept.
A&E were created good. In fact very good. Having a sin nature is not good. Justas the bush began to grow thorns something changed in the bush's DNA that now causes it to be a thorn bush.
Is the sin nature now in theDNA where at one time it wasn't? Perhaps it's a spiritual death issue. One thing I know for sure is that you don't know.
I'm asking you. Is the sin nature biological or spiritual?
Then why do we sin?
Same reason Adam and Eve sinned. We give in to our desires in a way that is inordinate.
Death was brought on by sin. If babies don't have a sin nature and haven't sin...why can they die?
Physical death is part of God's design. Entropy, eating, the Tree of Life. When man was created, He was created mortal and that design hasn't changed. He was given the Tree of Life to eat of and live perpetually. When Adam sinned, he died spiritually immediately (was separated spiritually from God). As a consequence, man was removed from the Garden and no longer had access to the Tree of Life. Thus, man's mortality proceeded and he died. It is appointed unto men once to die (Heb. 9:27), God designed us to be in this physical realm only temporarily. So, because of Adam's sin, man was kicked out of the garden, and none of us have access to the Tree of Life.

I believe that Eden was destroyed/removed from the world by the Flood or at the time of the Flood and it no longer exists on Earth any more.
Despite our conversations...like the sin nature you don't seem to understand the nuances of free-will.
Perhaps not. :)
Can you freely come to Jesus if God doesn't draw you or give you the ability to come to Jesus? Can you do it on your own?
No. But the question is still, how does God draw us and give us that ability. It is through the Word not supernaturally, personally, immediately.

In Truth and Love.

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Well have a good night, if you're still at the Library I would hate to be the reason they lock you in for the night...
LOL, thanks. I'm home now. The closed at 6. My daughter asked me to take her. She's a huge bookworm.
Think about this over night, can anything change it's Nature over it's Life time; let's say, like maybe a leopard could change it's spots? It seems like we need to talk about the Nature of... Nature...
Yes. I believe that natures can change over a lifetime by long habit of action and thought. We even have an expression for this, an idiom that well describes it. For example, when a person trains in martial arts for a long time it becomes "second nature" to them. (Aikido for me!)
Even Evolution says that nothing changes it's Nature in it's Life Cycle...
Ugh, don't get me started on the Evolution mythology.

Have a good night. Gotta put the little ones to bed.

In Truth and Love.