Interesting Study in comparisions.


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Given my experience speaking with Pentecostals and Charismatics on here so far, you will just say "you are ignorant to scripture". You don't need to reply.

I pray these similarities you share with pagans can help Bring you to a proper understanding of the Holy Spirit. Please take time to read this well-done study. I have much more material on Hindu Kundalini. However, there is a good amount of their experiences to view on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Is the Holy Spirit confused with Kundalini Shakti during many healing ministries? The comparative study of spiritual manifestations among Christian charismatics and the followers of Hinduism

Excerpt from the Conclusion...
"First of all, from the preceding discussion it is obvious that the Christian practice of slain in the Spirit and the Hindu ceremony of Shaktipat are very closely related. The reason for such a relationship may be the fact that there are no boundaries for religious beliefs. All of them are somehow interconnected and mutually dependent. On the one hand, desecularization has affected the global society to a great extent but on the other, certain religious movements, such as the Pentecostal movement, still seem govern people’s lives. New religious phenomena combined with the Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) which are being constantly implemented within various congregations, should definitely be better monitored."


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Yeah, I've not yet read the article, but it sounds like what I said in another thread about a video and Pensacola. 😔
If you haven't seen it already, there is an interesting article called "The Early Years of the Tongues Movement".