Is Right Left Or Is Left Right?


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Is Right Left Or Is Left Right?

How is it that one may call good evil and evil good?

Well, it depends on where we get our information and thus we have a perspective.

Now if our perspective is self - knowledge what direction will it take us and who will we serve?

Why did God put the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden? Why was there a crafty serpent in the garden and who does the serpent represent? Why did Eve listen to him?

God also had the tree of life in the garden. Why is there no mention of Adam or Eve eating from that but rather the tree that God told Adam not to eat of or in that day" dying he should die"?

Both trees represent right and left but which tree is the true "right and "left"?

It is not that the fruit of the tree of the fruit of good and knowledge was good or bad. However, by eating from that tree Adam could not walk in the glory of God. He had missed the mark by eating from the wrong tree.

Now, what kind of fruit does one bring forth by eating from the wrong tree?

Why is it that God blocked Adam from access to the tree of life after he had eaten from the wrong tree?

Did not God know what Adam would do thus how is it that Adam could miss the mark if God had planned for Adam to be complete in him?

How could Adam be complete in God and disobey God? Could Adam have done otherwise?

Thus, what does it matter whether we understand what is left and right? It is so we could understand both trees so we could be complete in God. However, if God did not grant access to the tree of Life then Adam would never be complete in God. It appears that the plan of redemption in Christ Jesus was a necessary part in creating Adam in God's image which is only in Christ.

Now, for those who are in Christ then let us access the tree of life continually and know what is "left" and "right" from that perspective and let go of the old man that is dead with Christ in his death. We can reckon the old man dead because we have passed from death to life through spiritual regeneration. Yes, we are quickened out of death and have risen out of death with Christ as new spiritual creations.

Right or left is a mater of perspective and it is God who turns us around with a spiritual disposition and a heart and mind that seeks continually after God.

God bless you.