Is Sin/Evil A Created “Thing”… (By God or By Man)?

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You get a little mixed up from what is physical and what is spiritual.

Spirit is what guides the physical. Spirit, or mind, is who we are not what we are.
there is not 'one' type physicality such as, where every meaning of 'body' devolves to this brute one we have.
He promises us His Souls we will have our Change.... 1. Cor. 15:51.

the spiritual body at Christ's and soon our resurrection/ transfiguration is not a ghost; that would rely on the greek
conception of psuche to define a soul. Hebrew doesn't use the term soul or spirit as psuche. It uses npsh, an entirely
different concept than the greek pagan psuche.

The resurrected glorified nature is 1000x superior to this current
very disabled nature/ perishable physicality.
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