Is the USA is already a communist country and you don't know it?


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Are all the factiries owned by the workers?
Irrelevant. Are all the "factiries owned by the" the state in China? No.
Also, are all "factiries owned by the workers" in China? No. They are owned by the political class. Communism is and always was inherently corrupt.
No. Then no. Its not a communist country.
Communist countries have either no elections or fraudulent elections. And the US just had a fraudulent election. So, in regards to the USA having the same kind of elections that a communist country does, then they do.
The Democrats are a hyper capitalist party that opposes communism. Theyare a "big tent" party, but they keep the communists out in the rain, and barely let a few of the most mild of socialists in, to watch in silence.
If when you say "Democrats are a hyper capitalist party" you mean that they are "hyper" corrupt, then I agree.

I like the idea of people being free to trade goods and services amongst ourselves.
The problem comes in when governments and companies get so big that they think they no longer need the people's vote to guide the country and want to take this power for themselves. The Democrat Party and the social media giants are trying to do that right now.