Israel is under attack.

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This would have never happened on Trump's watch.
You are correct. On the other hand, the new Presidents get tested. They see Biden is silent hunkered down waiting for it to blow over. They watch Kerry and see he wants to be Iran's sugar daddy.

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Trump diplomacy is to clamp down and slap wayward countries with blockades and trading restrictions.

Biden seems to duck into hiding and think he will come out and offer money thinking that will make them friends.



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So, I see we’re all still allowing the media to lead us around by the nose... controlling the narrative.

What will the media tell us to think about tomorrow?


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Goes to show anyone who claims they can bring peace to the middle east is a delusional blithering idiot. Along with anyone who thinks some leader is capable of it.


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What a pathetic response. Trump did. You just deny.

Peace, brought by Trump, was ruined by Biden.

You'll blame others for that, of course.

So easy to make you look bad...

you Trump cultists are so funny

how’s that Middle East peace working out for ya’?