Its rocks are etched with thorns


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The tablets of stone in which God's commandments are etched are also etched with thorns.

“The stones found at Sinai have the image of the thornbush (sneh) on them. That is why it is called Sinai ... This is a G‑dlly image. I have split the rock in half and found the image of the thornbush on either side. I broke one half into pieces, and the thorn was again found on the inside of both parts." -Rabbi Moses of Narbonne (14th Century)

The Hebrew word for “thornbush” is sneh, which is etymologically linked to Sinai. I think most would agree that it is difficult not to see how no matter which laws are broken, the remedy is immediately seen etched within the law itself.

Other possibilities include its relation to the word sinah which means "hatred", and may refer to Moses' anger, or these events which caused hatred or jealousy of the Chosen people or "you shall be hated because of me", or that it is referred to as Horeb because of the relation to the word chorvah which means "destruction" because they were destroyed by Moses, or the revelation at Sinai led to the destruction of idolators or the destruction that comes from rebellion against God's judgements.